Mount Pinatubo Eruption 1991 Clark Airbase evacuation recap videos

Enjoy this two part visual trace along the route of thousands of evacuees from Clark Air Base and Subic Bay, Philippines, as they escape the destructive force of the pending eruption of the Mt. Pinatubo volcano June 1991. Part 1 of this miraculous adventure covers the historic trek first from Clark Air Base to Subic Bay Naval Base; A week later evacuees board the massive aircraft carrier, USS Abraham Lincoln, for a three day voyage, arriving off shore and ferried to Mac tan Air Base, Cebu by helicopter. Stops include: Guam, Hickam Air Base, Hawaii and on to Travis Air Force Base, California.
Part 2 offers the viewer a rare, but memorable glimpse back at US military facilities as they were before this colossal event. 
Videographer and former Clarkite, Virgil Hopper produced this Philippines Experience video series. He is a former member of the American Forces Radio and Television Service that served both Clark and Subic-area audiences with radio and television programming on FEN, the (Far East Network).
A large library of video features were shot during Mr. Hopper's stay in the Philippines,
from military functions to private events. Most of those features will be available online soon...

Mt. Pinatubo Explosion At Clark Air Base, Philippines

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This part of the presentation reveals some of the major damage to Clark Air Base and nearby Angeles City.
The original full-length version of the feature is almost two-hours long. That feature is currently being revised. It includes considerably more of the damage caused on Clark Air Base. One can easily view and appreciate the devastation that occurred and the desparation of those who evacuated, as well as many who remained in Angeles City during this event.
Also, this portion of our video adventure offers the viewer a rare, but memorable look back at US military facilities as they existed before this colossal event. More footage is on the way soon..

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