Fort Stotsenburg became Clark Air Base and is now known as Clark FreePort

Fort Stotsenburg now known as Clak Freeport in Angeles City - Philippines

Fort Stotsenburg has the history of a distinguished landmark in the pacfic area, few are as well known or visited as Fort Stotsenburg now called Clark Freeport.

Fort Stotsenburg was named after Col. John Stotsenburg, who was the head of the Nebraska Volunteers and was killed in action in Quinga, Bulacan on 23 April 1899. The fort was named after his death and was established in Angeles City, specifically at the Sapang Bato barrio.

Since the early 1900s fort had been the headquarters of US forces stationed in the Philippines. In the second World War, it was the headquarters for thePhilippine Army units.

Eventually, becoming Clark Air Force Base. In 1991, the erruption of Mount Pinatubo Clark base became a special economic zone and the bases historical landmark and tourist attractions were more accessable .

Among the structures that you will see are the original gateposts, the parade ground, building 2125 (the former HQ of the Air Force), the headquarters of the Post Commander and the residence of the facility leader.

Other major attractions at Fort Stotsenburg are the well preserved homes, whose floorings were actually created in the United States (in Oregon) and were brought to the Philippines. Some of the domiciles were actually built as early as 1903. Along with these houses, which are known as Officers Row, are other well preserved troop barracks and buildings that were used by the military during the early 1900s and also during World War II.

Also at Fort Stotsenburg is Building 2697, where the remains of a railway station can be seen. It was also at this site that the US Air Force placed their TV studio, aside from functioning as a terminal prior to World War II.

To get to Fort Stotsenburg, you can take a car or cab and head over to Clark Field. Because it is such a popular tourist attraction, asking for directions (if you are driving yourself) will not be difficult. If it is your first time in Angeles City, you can just tell the driver to head out to Fort Stotsenburg and you will be taken there.

Fort Stotsenburg continues to draw in large numbers of visitors from all walks of life as it is not just another old site, but one that is laden with relics from important points in the past. By going there you do not just go to another tourist hotspot, but get to relive and experience a bit of history.

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