The Beginning of an Era to honor the armed forces serving in Operation Enduring Freedom Philippines

Garfields Memorial Team House Association

When Chapter 46 pulled out of Angeles City and moved back to Guam it left some 46 members, associate members and the deposed Friends of the Chapter of the DLIC still living in Angeles City without a way for good companionship, doing community service along with other events.

In meetings with the above they decided to form a new Association that would not restrict anyone from joining and being a part of the Association. So with Australians, British, Americans, New Zealanders and Swiss there were 52 members that signed up and all agreed that the new name would be Garfield’s Memorial Team House Assn. in honor of two US servicemen that had died from an explosion in the Southern part of the Philippines.


new door was ordered from a local manufacturer and installed for going into the team room This was in the middle of 2010 and the new Assn. with the help of dues and contributions from members was able to hold the Fourth of July Party at the Angeles Sport and Country Club with a great turnout and plenty of food and beverages.


The final event was the Children’s Christmas Party held at Josefaville II the third of December. The children were from an orphanage and over 100 were treated to food, clowns, cotton candy and ice cream. Then Santa arrived to hand out the gifts which for the first year the members had bought back packs and filled them with the toys for the children to have and keep. So ended our first year of service to the community.

Then during the first part of 2011 it was decided to hold a Family Day on the first Saturday of April and was voted on and agreed to hold it on an annual basis. The first one was a huge success and had over 60 people to attend and enjoy the talking, food and beverages and was held at the Angeles Sport and Country Club. During this time the socials started being held at different bars along Perimeter and Don Juico roads and Shane was very beneficial in setting up the different bars.

Again turnouts for these socials were well received. Then the Fourth of July day was held again at the Angeles Sport and Country Club and was very successful and enjoyed by all that attended. In community projects, Shane was able to get six basket ball goals to be made for delivery to certain schools and communities around Angeles City and some to be sent to the south of the Philippines.


Then came the loss of the children’s baseball field to condo development but Bruce was helpful in getting the developer to set aside a new area for the baseball field.Then Bruce made arrangement for the fencing, lighting and seating to be moved to the new site. In October at one meeting and after discussion had been completed at earlier meetings about trying to find a public school that could use some minor repairs to there buildings or to the CR’s.

One school was selected; the Malabanis Elementary School located just behind the VFW building. After talking to the Principal of the school and noticing many of the buildings needed repairs, one building which held two class rooms appeared to need the most repairs to the under hang and gutters along with some termite damage.


At the next meeting a vote was held by the members to have the repairs done to that building which passed. Pictures had been taken showing the amount of repairs that were needed and shown to the members. A contractor was hired to do the work on the week-ends so as not to disrupt the classes being held during the week.

In early November the work was completed and Frank again took pictures showing the building after the completion. All were satisfied with the project and at some later date could take on other projects like this.


The last event of the year was the Children’s Christmas Party on December the 3rd and will be discussed at our last meeting for 2011 on December the 17th. But many members say it was the best one ever held for the children.

So to close this, I believe that every member can be proud of the accomplishments that Garfield’s Memorial Team House Assn. has carried out during our first and second year of existence.

There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet the enemy. George Washington
Garfield's Last Stand is proud to host the team room
Garfields Last Stand is proud to host the team room and has a long tradition of supporting the troops